Baileys Heaven

Baileys has been always my first choice in the dessert menu. When I bake, I use Baileys in almost everything from Tiramisu to differnet types of cakes. Baileys has a secret taste that makes everything indulgently delicious.

Last weekend, I spend two days in Dublin, the birth city of Baileys to joinTreatYard event at Eatyard foodcourt sponsored by Baileys. Eatyard is a famous street food market at the heart of Dublin. Baileys transformed this street food market to Treatyard where they host some of the best local and international confectioners, baristas, bakers and creamers.

You could smell Baileys every where. All of the sweets, cakes and drinks had Baileys among their ingredients to maximise the flavour and taste.

Here is the list of various stops at TreatYard:

Stop 1
Doughnut with a shot of Baileys from Mr Holmes Bakehouse.


Croissant filled with Baileys cream and topped with Bailys Marshmallow from Mr Holmes Bakehouse


While enjoying our treats at stop 1, we also watched a demo from the pastry chefs at Mr Holmes Bakehouse on how to make a perfect chocolate decoration for any dessert.


Stop 2
Selection of cakes with Baileys topping or filling by s Bear Lemon



Stop 3 
Baileys cheese cake and cookies

Apart from the amazing taste, I really enjoyed watching the chefs passionately preparing the cheesecake and cookies fresh in front of us.




Stop 4
We joined another demo by the chef from Camerino Bakery and she taught us how to make a perfect Almond Swirl with Baileys shmizzle



Stop 5
They call it Freakshake but I call it mouth-watering beauty.



Stop 6
Chocolate and Baileys



Stop 7
Flat white Martini with Baileys




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