Michelin-Starred Afternoon Tea at St. James’s Hotel and Club

November is an exciting month for Londoners. Streets are getting festive and the whole city is getting ready for Christmas. Despite the fact that London is usually cold in November, I like the way it feels cosy and warm with the vibe in the city.

I believe November is a perfect month for an afternoon tea. It’s that time of the year when you can spend the day shopping and then enjoy a nice relaxed afternoon tea with your friends.

Last weekend, after couple of hours of wandering around the busy streets of Mayfair, I visited Seven Park Place at St. James’s Hotel and Club which is a Michelin starred restaurant in the heart of London for a delightful afternoon tea with my friend.


They offer an historical themed 1840 Afternoon Tea, designed by Executive Chef William Drabble which we were transported to Victorian times and tasted classic cakes of that period, keeping its originality but with slight modern-day twist.

Afternoon Tea originated in 1840 when Anna Russell, the Duchess of Bedford and great friend of Queen Victoria, complained of a ‘sinking feeling’ and started inviting friends to join her at Woburn Abbey for cakes and tea in the mid-afternoon.

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Seven Park Place, we started with selecting our favourite tea which is a very interesting process of a kind. First you are given a book that you can choose your tea from and read the full history behind your choice. Then you can decide which tea you are more interested to have with your cake and savoury sandwiches.

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The selection from Victorian times including a Tipsy Cakesoaked in sherry and served with custard, profiteroles, lemon drizzle cake, custard tart and a classic Victoria Sponge Cake. Other dishes include Cheshire cheese scones, made with the oldest recorded British cheese, plain scones with jam and clotted cream as well as an array of traditional savoury sandwiches.


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