About The Foodie Girl

My name is Maya and I live in beautiful sunny London.

I am a Product Strategist and I work with big UK companies to build innovative products that can perfectly fit themarket and customer needs.

I also happen to be passionate about food. Traveling, eating, and cooking great food and enjoying wine are my top hobbies. I love to discover the best food and most importantly the best dining experiences in London.

What do I do?

Product Analysis: If you are considering introducing a new product/service/offering and need help with your product strategy, I can help you to go through a lean product discovery/development process which will help reduce the risk to your business and bring value to you and your customer faster. Do you want to know more? Just send an email to me@afoodiegirl.com and I’d be happy to meet you over a coffee and chat about this space.

Product Promotion: I work with brands and PR agencies to promote and build awareness around various products and services. These are some of the brands I have worked with:


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