Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities that I never get tired of visiting. I can spend hours walking between canals and enjoy this beautiful city.


After visiting this amazing city three times, it’s time to tell all about my recommendations on hoe to find the best food:


The Pancake bakery

A visit to Amsterdam is never complete without trying the traditional dutch pancakes. The Pancake Bakery is the best place to introduce you to the concept of Dutch pancakes. They have wide range of sweet and savoury pancakes. My favourite is Apple, Banana and cinnamon.


De Vier Pilaren

If you want to taste traditional Dutch pancakes but with a nice canal view, this is the place you are looking for. They don’t have much variety of pancakes compare to The Pancake Bakery but they have good enough selections.


The Pantry

If for you the first thing after being in Amsterdam is to see how Dutch food taste like, then this is the perfect restaurant to taste traditional dishes. It is located in a very cool and lively neighbourhood and they offer variety of traditional dutch dishes on their menu. If you ever visit there, try smoked sausage as it’s the highlight of all the dishes. Also don’t forget to book as this is a very popular restaurant in Amsterdam.


Bakers and roasters

One of the best Sunday brunches that I have had recently. You have lots of exciting choices of eggs dishes or Mexican inspired breakfast dishes. Be aware that there is usually a long wait to get a table specially during weekends so either book in advance or visit them early in the day.


De hallen

This is the foodies’ heaven. It’s a very nice and easily accessible food market with amazing choices of food from different part of the globe. It’s very modern and it has a great vibe on weekends.


Little Collins

Whatever you are after, this place can offer it to you. I specially loved the choices of breakfast and most importantly “The Coffee”!




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