OptiGrill by Tefal

I am so happy that I found an amazing kitchen gadget, Tefal Optigrill. If you enjoy grilled food as I do, this is the best solution ever to cook amazing healthy dishes. These are some of the highlights of OptiGrill:
  • You choose how you would like your food (rare, medium or well done) and it will let you know once your food is ready the way you like it! 
  • A thickness detecting sensor which regulates grilling temperature according to the size of the meat so it knows what you’re cooking.
  • You can also tell the grill what you are cooking (meat, chicken, fish, sausage or vegetables) and it will automatically find the best way to cook it for you (sounds like a magic, yeah?)
  • Optigrill has a drainage system which stops meat being saturated in grease.
  • If you hate washing dirty dishes (as I do), all you need to do after using Optigrill is to put three pieces of the grill in the your dishwasher!
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