Driving Through Sardinia in Italy

Did someone say Italy? Sure thing!
You probably have guessed by now how much I love Italy. I love it so much that I traveled to Italy three times in the last 6 months.
Let me first tell you something interesting. I recently did a DNA test via 23andme and apparently, 2% of my ancestry genetic composition is from Sardinia. Maybe that’s why I can’t get enough of Italy!
For his trip to Italy, I traveled to Sardinia to explore this wonderful Island, the food and the culture. Driving in Sardinia is very easy and hiring the car is the best and most convenient way to move around Sardinia. In summary, I think you need 4-5 days for the itineraries of this post. This is the driving route we picked for our trip.

Stop 1: Cagliari

We started our trip by flying to Cagliari in the south of Sardinia. Cagliari is a nice town with beautiful castles and a nice view of the harbor. The airport is 7 min away by train from the center and there are regular trains every 30 mins between airport and city center.
Cagliari’s city center is relatively small and you can walk around on foot. You can also easily see all the tourist attractions in two days. There are some hills to climb to get to the pick where most castles and historic buildings are so if you travel with a child, you might have to find public transport for extra comfort. I recommend spending 2 days in Cagliari if you are sightseeing. Obviously, if you want to chill and relax, you can spend a week there and enjoy the beautiful beaches nearby.

Cagliari Beaches
I found two beaches near Cagliari that worth a visit.

  •  Poetto Beach: I highly recommend a visit to this beach. It’s only 20 min away from the center by bus or taxi but this white sand beach is such a very peaceful and gorgeous beach for swimming and relaxing. There are a few food options available next to the beach so it can be a day out family activity as well.
  • La Paillote Beach: is a little private beach which you need a car to reach it. It’s very quiet and peaceful with beautiful blue color water. This beach won’t have much to offer compared to Poetto beach but if you have time and want to explore a rocky beach, then this place is a great option.
La Paillote Beach

Restaurants in Cagliari

Ci Pensa Cannas

This is my favorite restaurant in Cagliari and it’s a perfect place to try traditional Sardinian dishes. The food is amazing and the dishes are surprisingly cheap. You should definitely try the house wine which they serve cold and it tastes like heaven and costs only 6 euros for one liter. The other dish you have to try is a very simple pasta with olive oil and garlic. Yes, that’s it! And it’s one of the best. I also tried horse meat that was tender and juicy. Last but not least, make sure you leave room for Tiramisu.

Sa domu Sarda

This little gem is another great option to try a few traditional Sardinian dishes such as Sardinian dumpling and Sardinian style plates of pasta.

Antica Cagliari

This seafood restaurant is also located in the old town and is famous for seafood dishes.

Cafe Libarium Nostrum

This cafe is one of the most relaxing places to grab a cappuccino while enjoying the best view of Cagliari city.


Grannies is a perfect cafe for breakfast or a coffee break. They have a fantastic range of pastries that they bake fresh every day. It’s also very close to the central station.

Stop 2: Oristano

Oristano is a nice town on the way to Alghero and it’s a perfect location to have a stopover and enjoy a walk in the old town. We stopped there for a break and had a nice lunch at Trattoria Gino that I highly recommend for traditional Italian dishes.

Stop 3: Bosa

This gorgeous colorful town is located on a hilltop and it is very picturesque. I highly recommend to have a stop here and enjoy walking in this town.

Stop 4: Alghero

I definitely think Alghero is the prettiest city in Sardinia. I can walk in the old town for hours and hours and enjoy the sound of waves on the rocks and smell of detergent from the clothes hanged between the houses. The old town is located within a wall that used to be a castle and they maintain and preserve the old town very well that still gives you the feel and look of old Italy. There are lots of little cute boutique shops and lovely restaurants in the old town so you never run out of options.

Restaurants in Alghero

Prosciutteria San Miguel

Probably the best meal of our trip was in this little gem and my top recommendation for you in Sardinia. This prosciutteria is very homely. There are little tables and chairs for people to enjoy the best of food and wine of Sardinia. The owner is passionate about Sardinia and he helped us to pick the wine and food. They serve the best antipasti dishes including a selection of cheese and cured ham. They slice the meat and cheese there so everything is very fresh.

Ristorante Pizzeria II Pesce D’Oro
This restaurants serve a fantastic range of pizzas and other Italian dishes. I can’t comment on other dishes but the pizza was awesome!


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